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    Voting ends at 12am CST/6am GMT January 8th. These threads will disappear at that time to insure that the results of the awards stay hidden.

    After voting is completed, be sure to tune into the Live UGC Awards Show on January 10th at 4pm EST/9pm GMT to find out who won!

    The following selections have been made by the UGC Awards Selection committee from the list of nominations. You get one vote! Choose wisely!

    Something Different This Way Comes


    Episode 2:

    Before Something Different, intellectual programming on gaming was only available within the confines of the other content on NoobToob, but Aarondbowen brought it into the spotlight with his own amazing podcast!

    HP1704 Answers Your Queeries


    Episode 8:

    While podcasts and series within the NoobToob community often feature various members, never did they feature a completely new persona. That is until HP1704 arrived. Yob!

    The Gerstmann Project


    Part 1: Unforeseen Consequences

    The idea of collaboration on NoobToob is nothing new, but the extent of which Demiveeman's The Gerstmann Project brought to the table was never-before-seen. The accompanying ARG (Alternate Reality Game) also provided a brand-new level of UGC Interaction.

    Roommate Rumble


    Episode 8:

    Competition is no stranger to NoobToob, but the level of personality that Fuzzy and Castadarkshadow have brought to the table could have only been captured through the wonder of live video...luckily for us, that's exactly what happened.

    NoobToob Cage Match


    NoobToob Cage Match: Quotemaster

    NoobToob's first game show, the Cagematch brings two contenders as close to face to face as the internet allows, and tortures them with gaming trivia. Oh, and it came from the minds behind the Modcast, so you know it's quality.

    Gaming on a Budget

    Pilot Episode:

    Thebgbb's awesome animations aren't an innovation of this series, but its structure and subject manner are. Gaming on a Budget is an awesome addition to the site, especially during the financial times we are now facing.

    You and NoobToob - Episode 100 Tribute

    You and NoobToob - Episode 100 Tribute:

    Sloth put a drive in the community to bring an unprecedented thanks to Tobin and Yuzo on their 100th Episode! The 100th episode was completely community based, and many thanks go to Sloth for making it all possible.

  • I voted for Roommate rumble, they play retro game and i love the forfeits.....It also has some great comedy and I can't wait till season 2
  • Doesn't get much more original than HP1704.

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