Favorite UGC Meme
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    That's right, friends...it is time to choose who you think best deserves to win the award for Favorite UGC Meme!


    Voting ends at 12am CST/6am GMT January 8th. These threads will disappear at that time to insure that the results of the awards stay hidden.

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    The following selections have been made by the UGC Awards Selection committee from the list of nominations. You get one vote! Choose wisely!

    *BANG* Oh I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?

    Although it's Samuel L. Jackson's line, Sunflower4000 gets the credit for using it against his co-hosts on the Modcast.


    A term of endearment specifically given from Gameshark to his comrad Smokestorm.

    Hey Guys!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!

    Lazlo's famous greeting brought to popularity by his NoobToob and Modcast voicemails!

    Mother-fucking Haven!

    Holy shit, I just came just now. It's mother-fucking Haven! Lucien Lachance is all in that shit!


    Another widely known greeting from our friend HP1703! Doesn't it just feel you with glee? Well...except for you HP1704. *hurr hurr hurr* That's a joke. NEXT!


    You. Order. Beer. Because you like the vaginer. NEXT!

    Howdy, Howdy!

    Yet ANOTHER famous greeting, this one from HP1703's cousin/roommate, HP1704.

  • *BANG* oh i am sorry did i break your concentration?...
    That is a great line and it got my vote.
  • I concur with Doom above me!
    Pulp Fiction is a great movie by itself, but this quote only proves more memorable when used by our faithful noobtoob Modcast.
    The initial reaction is also, simply hilarious.

    *BANG* "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration?"
    Jam: "Again?!? Jesus Christ!"