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    That's right, is time to choose who you think best deserves to win the award for Best Musical Performance!


    Voting ends at 12am CST/6am GMT January 8th. Despite what the polls may tell you, these threads will disappear at that time, to insure that the results of the awards stay hidden.

    After voting is completed, be sure to tune into the Live UGC Awards Show on January 10th at 4pm EST/9pm GMT to find out who won!

    The following selections have been made by the UGC Awards Selection committee from the list of nominations.
    You get one vote! Choose wisely!

    (Another) NoobToob Song

    (Another) NoobToob Song:

    Hedge45 hits the ground running with a great debut song about NoobToob, the best thing about YouTube!

    The Next Level

    The Next Level:

    He returns again for his latest and greatest: The Next Level! Locke assisted with the video, but the real beauty is in the music...and Hedge45 does not disappoint!

    The HP1704 Theme

    As heard at the beginning of HP1704's popular video series, Locke put his talent to good use for another member of the NoobToob Community....even if that member did eventually punch him in the face.

    NTA Rollout

    Locke's NTA Rollout:

    Locke started a huge rapping craze by calling the NoobToob Army to action with this awesome performance.

    Cowboy Genre Ho Down

    Cowboy Genre Ho Down:

    Locke expands into a new music genre in this hoedown covering all the different genres in the gaming world we all know and love.

    It's Raining Men

    (Fast Forward to 7:00)

    It's Raining Men (from Episode 3 of HP1704 Answers Your Queeries)

    HP1704 caught his queer roommate HP1703 singing this little number from the Weather Girls.

    NoobToob Rap Rebuttal

    NoobTooB Rap Rebuttal:

    Demiveeman starts off his UGC Streak with a bang! In his first ever piece of UGC, he gives Locke a rap of his own, causing a stir in the NoobToob community waiting for a Rap Battle.

  • The NTA roll out, locke is amazing that rap crazy good.

  • I had to go with the cowboy genre ho down. i was going to go with Another NoobToob song, but i had never heard the cowboy one so i gave it a quick listen and thought it was pretty damn good.
  • It was reallly hard for me to pick but I had to go with Cowboy genre ho down it was really good
  • Hedge>Locke

    Prove me wrong.
  • Hedge is pretty damn sick, my vote to him
  • Despite my dedication to Hp1704, I cannot resist the catchy, and well constructed musical wonders that Hedge brings to the community!
    This being said, my vote goes towards your first Noobtoob song, which, in my opinion, posseses the most memorable, and catchy lyrics! :wink:

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