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    That's right, is time to choose who you think best deserves to win the award for Best Video Series!


    Voting ends at 12am CST/6am GMT January 8th. These threads will disappear at that time to insure that the results of the awards stay hidden.

    After voting is completed, be sure to tune into the Live UGC Awards Show on January 10th at 4pm EST/9pm GMT to find out who won!

    The following selections have been made by the UGC Awards Selection committee from the list of nominations. You get one vote! Choose wisely!

    HP1704 Answers Your Queeries


    Episode 8:

    Spawned from a combination of inside jokes, a tribute video, and a late night PAX conversation comes the infamous alter-ego HP1704 to answer all your queerstions. Oh, and that queer HP1703 shows up sometimes too.

    Roommate Rumble


    Episode 8:

    Fuzzy and Castadarkshadow: two roommates with a gaming vendetta. Winner takes the glory, loser takes the Penalty.

    The Gerstmann Project


    Part 1: Unforeseen Consequences

    Ever feeding the monster that is hype, Demiveeman brings the NoobToob community into the next decade with this futuristic tale of deceit and conspiracy.

    Jam Enslaver Reviews...

    Episode 5: Lylat Wars

    Straight from the U.K., Jam is here to review a tasty blend of old and new games in his own unique style.

    Cowlauncher Talks DLC


    Episode 39: Week of 12/29/08

    Starting out as a humble DDR-loving Dad, Cowlauncher rose to NoobToob fame by letting the community know what Downloadable Content is worth their pretty penny.

    Ass Juice Theater

    Episode 12: Rumble Roses

    Hello and welcome to Ass Juice Theater with thebgbb! This review series inspired by the Metric Ass Ton of Crap contest (later changed to Metric Ton of Ass Juice) grew into its own fruitful series, warning the NoobToob community of what games to avoid at all costs.

  • My vote has to go to Cowlaunchers DLC videos. He has saved me so much money and because of him I have downloaded things that I would have normally ignored. His videos are continually improving, keep up the good work.
  • It was really hard for me to decide what to vote for, i liked the gerstmann project and i loved HP1704....................My vote goes for.......THE GERSTMANN PROJECT well done demi for the great story and good job to all the people that were included.
    Magenta's voice acting was legendary, Locke's acting was excellent,Demi's acting and story was epic.
    I so can't wait till episode 4.

  • I have to vote for Cowlaunchers DLC videos because he i love watching them and i believe that he deserves it the most
  • I voted for Hp as his videos are pure Wisconsin class
  • I'm a Cowlauncher fan. His DLC vid's have saved me a lot of $.
  • Cowlaunchers DLC, bring back the little kid :)
  • Cowlauncher gets my vote! =)
  • Cowlauncher and Calflauncher taking the reigns in the territory that Tobin and Yuzo don't touch.

    The absolute perfect complement to NoobToob.
  • MBG DIESEL said:
    I have to vote for Cowlaunchers DLC videos because he i love watching them and i believe that he deserves it the most

  • This is by far the most difficult category to vote for, as the productions of all the competitors are all fantastic!
    Ugh! :x
    Jam's review of Serious Sam is one of my favorite independant reviews......
    But the Room Mate rumble holiday special was hilarious.......
    And Hp1704 was actually generous enough to answer one of my queerstions........

    My vote goes to the Bgbb's Ass Juice theater!
    The astounding visual art display, coupled with his distinctive and lovable voice, as well as his insigtful nuggets of wisdom make this a phenominal series.

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