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  • Game Discussion
    Talk about games on all the platforms (Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation, Handheld, PC)
    3,422 discussions 72,767 commentsMost recent: Monster Hunter: World - News & Pre-Disc… by ManioNovember 24
  • NooBTooB Episode Discussion
    Talk about all the topics and tangents covered by Tobin and Yuzo in each week's podcast.
    256 discussions 8,184 commentsMost recent: New Episode Incoming + Live Stream! by yuzoSeptember 2016
  • Gaming News
    Extra, Extra, read all about the latest and greatest news of your favorite games, consoles, and developers.
    3,453 discussions 42,496 comments
  • Gaming Culture
    Have something intelligent to say about gaming - look no further than here where we change the way we look at gaming. Talk about what makes you tick and why games are more than just a "mindless waste of time".
    2,695 discussions 44,488 commentsMost recent: Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 20/11/17 by Dr FlibbleNovember 23
  • Game Reviews
    Quality reviews by the community in video and written form.
    1,300 discussions 8,623 comments
  • Media Discussion
    Talk about any sort of non-game media here: television, movies, books, and of course, Youtube videos.
    1,182 discussions 18,614 comments
  • User Generated Content
    Anything that is submitted by the Noobtoob Army. Posters, Podcasts, Wallpapers, Songs, pretty much any media that comes from the users.
    1,897 discussions 21,569 comments
  • Introductions
    New to the community? Acquaint yourselves here and maybe make some friends. Would you kindly?
    1,414 discussions 7,687 comments
  • Events & Game Nights
    A place for official NooBTooB events! This includes tournaments, contests, and gaming get togethers.
    1,314 discussions 32,828 comments
  • Help and Questions
    Have a problem? Ask the all-knowing NoobTooB community for help and direction. Have a solution? Create a tutorial to help the wandering masses!
    2,614 discussions 17,780 comments
  • Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)
    Plan/Discuss all the details about the PAX in Seattle, WA and PAX East in Boston, MA. Although the medium is provided for organization and planning, NooBTooB takes no responsibility for any misdemeanors that occur as a result. By using this forum you acknowledge this disclaimer and hereby submit to it, relinquishing any possible liabilities and ultimately take responsibility yourself.
    165 discussions 2,630 comments
  • Site Discussion
    Anything related to NooBTooB. This includes the site, forum, wiki, things about the show and the hosts.
    1,118 discussions 19,145 commentsMost recent: NooBTooB Turns 10 by ManioJanuary 15
  • Off-Topic Discussion
    Anything non-game not covered by the other forums belong in here. Play nice and use common sense.
    2,881 discussions 49,328 commentsMost recent: It's been a long, long time... by EpkeNovember 1
  • Hall of Fame
    Notable NooBTooB threads of the past will be archived and saved here.
    269 discussions 9,334 commentsMost recent: Snowflakes by slothDecember 2015
  • Noob's Choice Awards
    Archiving of past Noob's Choice Awards
    113 discussions 2,747 commentsMost recent: Noob's Choice Awards 2017: Main Thread … by Dr FlibbleNovember 7
  • Noob's Choice Awards 2015
    24 discussions 162 commentsMost recent: Noob's Choice Awards 2015: The Winners! by 8drawtJanuary 2016
  • Noob's Choice Awards 2014
    22 discussions 168 commentsMost recent: Noob's Choice 2014 Winners! by ThangalangJanuary 2015
  • UGC Awards
    The 1st Annual UGC Awards are over, but their legacy lives on. Check out the results from the voting for the awards.
    11 discussions 72 comments
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    Content flagged in the moderation queue.
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